In 1997, I obtained the consent of my wife Diane, to purchase my first Clydesdale horse, thus, realizing a childhood dream. I telephoned one of the breeders in Québec and arranged a visit. After the second visit, our choice was made. The first mare purchased was a nine year old mare named Gormsley Island April. At that time, we did not have a barn. The only thing we had was a very small piece of land behind the house in which Diane and I raised our three children, Charles, Philippe, and André-Anne. Before winter arrived, we built a very small remise. The piece of land did not have the appropriate zoning code for agricultural activities. Therefore, we were not allowed to build a barn. The only building permitted was a remise (see picture to right). A year went by and for the ‘98 winter, the barn (remise) was packed with 7 horses. This is how fast we became addicted to horses, especially Clydesdales.




The year that the 1st World Clydesdales show was presented marked the purchase of our lives. We purchased our first top quality mare, Thistle Ridge Argyll Molly (pictured left). The six year old mare had been All-Canadian and All-American as a yearling. This was the start of our quality breeding program, and the beginning of our respect for the Thistle Ridge breeding. At the World show, we developed a relationship with Wilma and David Cleghorn. They allowed us to show Molly, Avery, and Ann, out of Commander Mark Argyll, in the Get of Sire Class.

In the Fall of 2000 we purchased three promising young mares from the Cleghorns’. This deal came after considerable effort in convincing Mr. Cleghorn to sell horses to young breeders such as us. The opportunity Mr. and Mrs. Cleghorn gave us in selling this group of mares will never been forgotten. Pictured from left to right, Thistle Ridge Argyll Ann, Thistle Ridge Eaton Shawna, and Thistle Ridge Argyll Y.2. Kate.  

The most recent major addition to our breeding program came on June 19th, 2004, at the dispersal sale of the Thistle Ridge farm. We took that opportunity to add some heavy pedigree to our breeding program, by purchasing two imported horses, Hillmoor Landmark (pictured beside) and the proven broodmare, Hillmoor Laura.

With the breeding program now in place at Freedom Acres, we believe that it’s now time for us to show some progeny from our farm. Hopefully, luck will remain on our side…