Ann was named All Canadian in 1999

Ann in 2000 as a 2 year old, at the RAWF

  Ann's Show results:
- 1st, Senior & Grand Champion at Trois-Rivière Fair.
- 1st at the Quebec Fair.

- 1st, Reserve Senior Champion at Quebec Fair.
- 3rd at Carp Fair.
- Honorable mention All-Canadian

- 2nd, Reserve Junior Champion
- 4th at the RAWF.
- Honorable mention All-Canadian

- 2nd at the World Clydesdales Show in Carp.
- 1st, Junior Champion at the CNE.
- 1st, Reserve Junior Champion at Simcoe.
- 1st, Junior Champion at Carp Fair.
- All-Canadian

- 1st at Cam-Am in Detroit
- 1st in Paris.
Thistle Ridge Argyll Ann's pedigree:
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